Tesla ahead of competition

Wednesday morning another automaker revealed their new electric vehicle in a fashion way. 


Seconds after the event, the debate about Tesla being ahead of the competition appeared once again in the social media and electric vehicle market forums.


Who really is ahead of the competition


Since the Tesla Model S introduction to the market in 2013, only a few brands have stepped up to the battle to bring their best electric vehicle to the market.


Companies like Audi, Jaguar, and Porsche have come out with their own formula to challenge the advantages Tesla has established in the electric vehicle industry. 


But is Tesla really ahead of the competition or there is something else behind the curtain with other car manufacturers that analyst can’t see.


Why Tesla is ahead of the competition 


Is hard to believe that competitors haven’t come yet with an electric vehicle with all of the ingredients to beat Tesla’s vehicles.



They have been enjoying free patents given to the world by Tesla.


And furthermore, they have spent billions of dollars researching and developing around these patents and have not come up yet with an electric vehicle capable of surpassing the 300 miles range.


Also, none of them have developed a technology capable of doing OTA updates or even have a decent autopilot system integrated with the vehicles.


Don’t get me wrong most of the Ev’s that have come out to the market are pretty good and exciting cars, but they are not capable of turning around an automotive industry that is resisting the change.


This brings me to the following theory.


The other side of the coin


What if Tesla competition don’t want to jump in full into the electric vehicle market just yet.


What if they just playing around with customers building EVs with specifications and prices way behind the consumer expectations.


I haven’t heard from any news site suggesting this kind of theories. They only tried to explain superficially the advantages Tesla got from the competition but never get deep inside of why is a big gap between Tesla and other automakers. 


I believe that Tesla competition have the ability to make EV’s with the miles of range acceptable by the consumers at a price similar to the Tesla cars.


But it seems that they don’t want. They have their hands full with ICE cars and they don’t feel the necessity to jump into the future just yet.


I give you an example, How many years Volkswagen has been showing the ID BUZZ?. I think the answer is since 2017 when it came out as a prototype in the American International Auto Show. 


Now Volkswagen announced that the ID Buzz will be launched in 2022, that is 5 years playing around with the mind of the consumer without concrete action to bring out the car to the market.


What is the solution to obligate Tesla competition step up their game


First of all, Tesla needs to keep the good work-stealing market share of every company that has no intention of changing their game plan.


They need to improve their Service Center services and have parts available to repair cars at a decent amount of time.


They also need to expand their Service Centers and showrooms all over the world.


A different strategy to obligate Tesla competition would be to stop selling regulatory credits to those companies not complying with emissions regulations. 


Selling these credits is like a yin and yang for Tesla. But for now, this option only can be achieved if Tesla gets better in their financials.




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Is Tesla ahead of the competition after Porsche Taycan revealed